Alabama's unemployment among lowest in the country

Kudos to the state of Alabama. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the south. {} Novembers number puts us at 6.2%.

That's lower than Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, North and South Carolina. The south is doing better than much of the rest of the country when it comes to jobs

That's encouraging news for those still looking.

While the seasonal jobs have put a dent in unemployment numbers, industries here in Alabama are recruiting heavily.

Yvette Fields, senior manager at the Alabama Career Center in Birmingham, has noticed fewer people coming through the doors looking for work.

"There is some hope for those who are looking for employment right now," says Fields. "I think we've had a lot of employers who have done a lot in terms of recruiting here in Alabama. There's always jobs out there available."Some of those jobs can be found on Alabama Job Link a self-service job matching website. Right now, the site has more than 16,000 available job postings. The manufacturing and service industries are some of the biggest employers"I'm looking for something full time, in one of my fields. Customer service, clerical, or the financial arena," says Jamell Foster.

Foster is one of those looking for a career instead of a job. "I'm tired of hopping from job to job and not being able to start a career. That's not good. I need stability in my life."Foster was laid off from her customer service job in April. She will admit, it's been difficult looking for employment everyday, but that's not stopping her. "That's what keeps me going is hope. Hope and my kids are what keeps me going."Yvette Fields offers some advice. Remember the "Three B's" when looking for employment. Be prepared."Change is inevitable," says Fields "We have a lot of employers who are doing online applications, but you still need to have that resume updated."Be willing to expand your skills."If you've done something in the past and it doesn't exist now, it's always transferable to another occupation," Fields explains.And, brush up. "You've got to brush up on your computer skills," Fields says. "And you've got to think outside the box in terms of the type of job. How your former skills that relate to the jobs that are out there now."