Alabaster man up in arms over right to bear arms

John David Murphy

An Alabaster man who tried to take a pistol into a polling place Tuesday said he'll try again during the runoffs. John David Murphy wore his handgun and ammunition and attempted to walk into First United Methodist Church of Alabaster. A church sign posted said firearms are prohibited."I wasn't going to go far enough where I had to take a ride in the blue light limousine," he said. He challenged the issue but eventually put his weapon in his vehicle and voted.The Alabaster incident was one of two in Shelby County. Another gun rights supporter tried to take a pistol into a Pelham church. ABC 33/40 was told he didn't vote.The Shelby County Sheriff's Office released the following statement Wednesday: "In a review of our security plan for each polling place, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office anticipated that the "open carry" issue may arise during the primary.{} The necessity to honor our responsibility to protect all of our citizens as they voted without distraction, and to follow the letter of existing gun law left no choice other than to refuse to allow openly armed persons into the polling places. {}All armed persons wishing to vote were given the opportunity to secure their weapons and return unarmed and vote. {}Openly carried firearms will not be allowed into Shelby County polling places."