Alabaster warns parents against dog water park

It's kids versus canines at Shelby County's premier dog park. The "Beneful Dream Dog Park" - recently completed, is attracting a huge number of children to it's enticing splash pads, but the city of Alabaster is concerned for their health.{}The city says parents are bringing their young children to play on the splash pad inside the dog park. {}The problem is, the park wasn't designed for children and not only is it dangerous, but playing in that recycled water used by dogs simply isn't sanitary. "She really enjoys playing with the dogs and the water!" Caitlin Trivett, who visits the park with her Labrador says.{}The splash pads might be the biggest attraction at the Beneful Dream Dog Park."That's my favorite feature," Trivett said. "Belle is a lab, she loves water, and it's been great for her because she gets to play.""We came specifically because we had heard about the water feature," Susan McWilliams, who visits the park said.But these pups aren't the only ones enjoying the miniature water park -{}in fact, {}the city of Alabaster is worried about young children who are taking a dip."Visiting dog park- I guess there could be with the urine and all I guess," Sherry Pugh, who visited the park with her family said."There might be some concerns with children and water like that because you do see dogs pee. Anything that comes off the ground they're going to pee on," Brandon McCurley, who plays in the park with his dogs said."I don't think I would want my babies and my children involved in this particular area for that reason," McWilliams said.Today the city manager told us, they're asking parents to keep them out. {}"Some children have been drinking and/or putting their mouth on the water features...{}{}There is a possibility of communicable diseases and/or infections. The rules state 'no humans in water,' {}.... unfortunately people continue to disregard these warnings" George Henry, City Administrator said.So the city added new signs."It's so attractive with the colors and everything, if they had something else that was more for children, I think there wouldn't be people in here just coming to this one, then with the health problems and stuff you'd really avoid that," McCurley said.The city of Alabaster says, they've had quite a few complaints about children playing in the Beneful park, but the good news is so far, no one has gotten sick. But just to be safe, they're asking children no longer play in the areas with water.