ALDOT prepares to close seven-mile stretch on I-20 East

A seven-mile stretch on I-20 East is about to be the road less traveled.

"It will be for the eastbound direction of I-20, only," ALDOT Engineer, Brian Davis, said.

Davis knows this ALDOT project is going to be a headache.

"It will be congested," he said. "I'm not going to make any bones that we don't recognize. There will be delay for people."

With Exit 130 to 137 closed on I-20 East, traffic will travel seven more miles on I-59 North, then hop on I-459 South. Eventually, drivers will get back on I-20 East.

"It puts them out of the way about four miles," Davis said.

Davis urges everyone to beware and be patient.

"Understand that if you're going to use this detour, you need to account for delay," Davis said. "There's going to be some delay."

This federal operation, part of the $38.5 million renovation, should take 90 days to complete. After that, ALDOT will be doing the same things westbound. ALDOT will be removing and resurfacing the roads.

Davis says this is how it needs to be done, because the alternative to shutting down the interstate would take much longer.

"It would take this and turn this into probably a year-and-a-half to a year and three quarter construction zone," Davis said.

Davis says two local contractors will be handling the project and there will be a $30,000 a day incentive on the table for every day they finish early. However, if it takes more than 90 days, the companies would owe that money.