NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert learned that Alex loves to fish.{} So, his first ever trout fishing experience was arranged."Well, let's get a vest."And, a vest was just the beginning of the items "the Gadget Company" gave to our Waiting Child, Alex.{} The store outfitted him with everything a good trout fisherman needs.And, Scott Hood, with Trout Unlimited stepped in to show this bright 12 year old how to use all the gear."How to cast it, and how to fish lakes and how to get it set up."Alex loves to spend time outdoors.{} And, he can't wait to play on a football or basket ball team.{} He'll be in the 6th grade next year.{} And, likes to be involved.{} He enjoyed being in 4-H."When I was in the 4th grade, I made a box like design stuff on it, and I got first place, but not like all the way."OKDHS is looking for a family with documented Native American heritage.{} Alex is Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian.{} Adoptive parents will find a child who is polite and on the quiet side until you get to know him.{} And, Alex says he'd love to have other kids in his family.{} Like all of our waiting children, kids need a loving home.{} But, until that's found, all Alex can do is dream about what he'd do with his Dad."I'd love to go fishing and do some other things.DHS Child Welfare would love to tell you more about Alex and the adoption program.{} Just give them a call at 581-2195.