Alex Karras dead at 77


According to the AP,{}Alex Karras, who gained fame in the NFL as a fearsome defensive lineman and later as an actor, has died. {}He was 77. Craig Mitnick, Karras' attorney, said Karras died at home in Los Angeles on Wednesday, surrounded by family. Karras had been suffering from dementia. He was among the more than 3,500 NFL players suing the league regarding the treatment of head injuries. Karras grew up in Gary, Indiana. {}He was a first round pick, going 10th overall to Detroit in 1958 out of Iowa. Karras was named All-Pro defensive tackle four times over 12 seasons with the franchise. Most people know Karras as an actor. {}He played{}George Papadapolis on the television series "Webster." {}He played an adoptive dad on that 80's show. {}He also played Mongo in{}the 1974 comedy classic "Blazing Saddles." {}His character punched a horse in that movie.