All aboard the Riverfront Cruise!

Captain Jay Schradel of Riverfront Cruises (

Welcome to the office of Capt. Jay Schradel. It's an office with a waterfront view.

He's with Riverfront Cruises. It's an hour-and-a-half tour near the Fort Lauderdale coast giving passengers a front row seat at more than 250 miles of inland water.

"We can pretty much do anything by boat," Schradel said.

And this tour is one of a kind.

"[There's] lots of money, millionaires, private yachts...really nice houses," he said. "It's a great trip."

A great trip filled with houses of movie stars, local billionaires and even a chance to see film director, Steven Spielberg's yacht valued at more than $250 million. But it's not only for the rich and famous. Schradel says it's also for the criminally corrupt.

"That is our $22 million Broward County jail," he said. "Yes, we have waterfront property for prisoners."

Schradel has been doing this for nearly seven years. He says every day is a new experience and he wouldn't trade it for anything.

"Enjoyment...a lot of fun...we have a lot of great people," he said.