Alleged Victims on edge now that Carbon Hill mayor is out of jail

Carbon HIll Mayor James "Pee Wee" Richardson. (Walker County Jail/City of Carbon Hill Photos)

Attorney Thomas Carmichael tells ABC 33/40 that his client is tense and on edge after learning that Carbon Hill Mayor James "Pee Wee" Richardson has bonded out of jail following his Sept. 19 arrest on sex charges. "I'm certain that she's nervous, the change of where he was, and what access he had and where has changed," says Carmichael.

Richardson was in court Friday afternoon for a bond reduction hearing. The judge made it easier for him to get out on bond by making it a property bond with certain stipulations.

One of those conditions is that Richardson is to have no access to the Carbon Hill City Jail or its inmates, and he has been ordered not to interfere with the duties of law enforcement directly or indirectly.

Carmichael says, "It does make the particular victims a little bit uncomfortable about the fact that when he was in jail you knew for sure where he was at."

But Richardson's attorney, Ken Guin, maintains his client is innocent. "He didn't do it. I believe him and I think it was some people in jail that got together and decided they wanted a quick way out," says Guin.

Richardson hasn't made any public statements since his release.