Alligator sightings in and around Logan Martin Lake have residents on edge

Gator sightings in and around Logan Martin Lake have residents on edge as summer approaches. (

Some Riverside residents are worried about alligators.

There have been multiple sightings at Logan Martin Lake.

It's not what Danny Bassett expected to see floating near his fishing spot. "I saw a big yellow dog going across the water."

"I was trying to figure out what it was and then I realized they'd been talking about gators around here, so I figure it had to be the gator I saw under him, carrying him at water level."

Gators in Logan Martin Lake? Could there be another explanation?

"I think it would be hard for a duck or fish to carry a dog across the water."

Bassett has lived at River Bend Apartments two months. The complex has sent out flyers about alligator sightings. Monica Carwell takes them seriously. "Not safe, so I don't venture to the lake too often, definitely not in the evenings."

When the 7 to 9 foot gator has been seen on land and on a boat ramp.

Logan Munkus says, "I've seen the head, it's probably this big and the body, you can see the spikes on the back and it mainly floats halfway in the water."

Bassett says there's an assumption more than one gator is in the lake. "This is a definite life threatening danger to kids or an adult or anybody or anything that gets near the water."

With Summer just ahead, he hopes sharing what he saw.. will protect others.

Munkus says, "It's real."

Law enforcement with the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries have not heard of any gator sightings lately. They did receive reports five years ago. Bassett says he called them Wednesday hoping they'll look into the situation. Marine Police are also unaware.

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