According to British tabloid, Amanda Knox reunites with ex-boyfriend

A Britishtabloid has published photos of an apparent reunion between Amanda Knox and herex-boyfriend, who were acquitted after serving four years in prison in Italyfor the murder of student Meredith Kirchner.

Britain'sDaily Mirror said Thursday that the pair had a secret reunion, publishingphotos of what it said was Knox and Sollecito walking together in New York.

The photos were allegedlytaken Tuesday - the same day Italy's high court harshly faulted the appealscourt that acquitted Knox and ordered a new appeals court to consider all theevidence to determine whether Knox helped kill Kirchner.

Knox, 25,and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, 29, were initially convictedof the crime and sentenced to long prison terms. An appeals court acquittedthem in 2011.