Americans are 20 pounds heavier than 20 years ago

Americans are packing on the pounds. {}According to a new Gallup poll, as a nation, we are now 20 pounds heavier on average than we were in 1990.{}The poll found the average man weighs 196 pounds. {}For women, it's 160.{}

Nearly 70% of those polled said they were over their ideal weight, but even that's on the rise. {}Now, most men say they would like to weigh 181 pounds. {}Most women say they would prefer to be 138 pounds.{}The heavy trend is affecting children too. {}A new study of kindergartners shows a startling trend.{}The young kids waistlines are bigger than ever. {}Researchers with the RAND Corporation looked at data from thousands of white, black and Hispanic kids during a nine-year period, starting in kindergarten.{}They found nearly 40% of the kindergartners had a body mass index in the 75th percentile or higher. {}According to a HealthDay report, that's a 25% increase since the 1970s and 80s.{}HealthDay reports the study's author says parents of children in the 75th percentile or higher should consider changing their child's eating and exercise habits.{}