An 11 year old dies in what family calls an accidental shooting

{}It's a heart-breaking July 4th for a Midfield family. An 11 year old is dead after what his family says was an accidental shooting. 11 year old Christian Jones was playing at a neighbors house when somehow the two boys found a gun. {}It went off and hit christian in the eye. He died the next day. {}"Every year my family has a Fourth of July get together where we eat, we laugh, we talk. It doesn't feel like that anymore - and we are," Matricia Jones, Christian's Aunt said. "We're missing something."Number 81 - a star football player for the West End Panthers. Christian Jones had just finished the fourth grade at Midfield Elementary - enjoying the summer with his two older brothers and cousins. {}"He was just always thinking of others," Jones said. "He always wanted to be around his cousins, he wanted to be around friends. Everyone loved him."Matricia Jones last saw her nephew just minutes before he was shot. {}She said he went over to play at a neighbors house. The next thing she heard... {}"Christian shot himself in the face! Christian shot himself in the face! So everyone jumped up and came running inside the house," Jones said. "When they get there, they see him laid out, not moving."Christians family spent this fourth of July - also his mothers birthday - making funeral arrangements. {}They told us they're not angry - but prayerful. {}"We're not mad - we don't hate anybody," Jones said. "We know this is a freak accident.""I know there is a God up above," Jones said. "He doesn't make mistakes. I know this boy here - God had a special place for him. I had plans for him, yeh. But God's plan was better. Christian's gone, but he won't be forgotten. Ever. He's in my heart."{}Midfield Police couldn't comment much on the case other than to say the investigation is ongoing. No word yet on whether any charges will be filed.