An Alabama Christmas: Bath and Body

A little gem called Boll Weevil Soap Company tucked away along Highway 167. The store is quaint and cozy, and all the products inside are hand made. Even the product labels are made on a small printer in inside the store. There are plenty of gift ideas. All are good-smelling, all natural products.

"I had reached the age where everything had seemed to dry me out. And I realized there were not natural products available on the commercial market,"

It was the early 90s when rosemary Howell came to that realization. And she decided to do something about it. At the time, she was working as a nurse at a hospital in Enterprise, Alabama. But in her spare time she experimented with soap."I started researching and formulating and as I started making the products I started giving them away to my coworkers."

Howell got her hands on dozens of books about soap-making and natural oils for the skin, and turned her kitchen into a lab. By 1997, she was getting enough requests from friends and coworkers. She decided to make it official. Boll Weevil Soap company was founded. "We rented a house on our bypass. It was a 100 year old home and my husband and I renovated it over a period of about nine months and I would go down and work on my recipes and he would go down and was renovating the home so we could open,"

Howell started by making four kinds of hand-made soaps. Fast forward to today - she's in a new store and now has 18 different products. Lotions, candles, shea butter and soap. And they are all still made by hand. Many of them come right from the small kitchen in the back of the store.

Even the product labels are made right here on this printer. It's a tedious process, but Howell doesn't mind.{} With the help of her sister-in-law, Howell says she will continue to put the same time and attention into all of her products that she has since the beginning. "It's very important that we continue the integrity of the product because that's what actually makes us unique. And it's a product that I created that I wanted on my body, my family's body, my friend's body, and ultimately our customers," she said.

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