An Honest Man

On a recent trip this summer, my son lost his wallet at the Atlanta Airport. He had one credit card for emergencies, his license and about 30 dollars in it.


I prayed that the person who found it would be honest. I knew we could cancel the credit card, we could replace the license and we could call the 30 dollars a loss.

But I was afraid this teen might fall prey to identity theft... and that's why I prayed. Please protect him.

As these things always go, we used the experience as a teaching tool. We talked to all the boys about how to deal with a lost or stolen wallet. We even stood in line and talked about the importance of keeping track of our wallet so we can avoid paying for another license etcetera.

But a few nights ago, I reached into a dark mailbox after work. I felt something unexpected. It was a box with a return address of a person in California. I immediately thought God had answered my prayer.

Smiling ear to ear I presented my son with the box. He looked puzzled.

"What's this?" He asked.

I replied, "I think it's an answer to my prayer!"

Again he looked perplexed but opened the box.... "It's my wallet!" He beamed.

He read me the not inside. Pass on this good deed, and know there are still honest people!

Wow! What a wonderful life lesson that it turned out to be! He doesn't know what that deed will be yet, but he plans to pass it on. What a heartwarming night. It reminded us that our prayers are answered and renewed our faith in how good people can really be!


What a blessing! Perhaps you too can pass on a good deed today!

Thanks Tom!!!

God Bless,