An ode to the french fry

Ah, the simple french fry gets its due Sunday, July 13. It is National French Fry Day.{}

What does a food have to do to get its own day? The fact that Americans devour 29 pounds of french fries per person each year probably gives a pretty good clue. Many of us consider french fries the best "go-to" food out there. We celebrate with fries and we commiserate over a plate of fries.

Rule number one is simply to get 'em while they're hot! It doesn't matter the shape - shoestring or steak fries - crinkled or curly - or perhaps waffle fries are your favorite. Do you prefer skin on or skin off? {}These are questions a true connoisseur of french fries can answer in a split second.

More than 40% of Americans agree the fries are the first item we reach for when given a meal that includes fries. Maybe that is why sharing fries is not so popular. A recent Harris poll found that one-third of Americans polled would not give up that coveted last fry - even to a celebrity.