"Angels Yell Roll Tide": The Legacy of Hunter and Ryan

Darla Hall remembers Hunter Alexander's spirit.

"I think it was just his genuine love for life," Hall said.

And Ryan Kitchens. His glowing personality.

"He was a funny kid," she said. "He was hilarious."

Her relationships inspired "Angels Yell Roll Tide." It's her children's book about Ryan and Hunter, their love for life and family and their passion for Alabama football.

"Once he decided that Alabama was the team for him, he was everything Alabama," Hunter's dad, Scot Alexander, said.

"He loved it," Ryan's mother, Jasmine Davis, said. "He loved it."

For Ryan it was extra special. The SEC hooked him up with front row tickets to the 2012 SEC Championship game. He and Hall even made it on the jumbo screen. Ryan told his mother it was the best day of his life.

"It was my best day of my life, too," Davis said. "He was so happy. [I've] never seen him that happy before."

About a month later, the day of the National Championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame, Ryan was lying in a hospital bed.

Bad turned to worst.

He coded...died in his mother's arms. Nurses couldn't do anything because he was "Do Not Resuscitate."

Then, after a minute...a miracle.

"He came back, on his own," Davis said.

Davis says there was apparent brain damage, but it didn't matter to Ryan. He just wanted to watch the big game and cheer for his best friend, Alabama quarterback, AJ McCarron.

"He would hold his hand over his eye and go...'I see number 10, I see my AJ'," Davis said.

Almost 900 miles away from Miami, tucked in a hospital bed in Huntsville, Ryan watched his Tide roll over the Irish 42-14.

He made it another month before passing away.

Hall says the book, more than anything, is a window into the lives of two special boys who gave so much life to those that knew them.

"They've touched so many lives that now the memories that we've created for their families are still there and those families can hold on to these memories," Hall said.

Memories that now live on pages.

"Looking through it is just memories," Davis said. "Amazing memories."

Memories so perfectly put into words from Darla Hall.

"Now that I think about it, it's like what else could I have done to create even more memories for them," Hall said.

If a memory lasts a lifetime...a book...lasts an eternity.

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