Animal shelter investigated for dangerous conditions

Two of the 130 animals found inside a Walker County animal shelter Wednesday. (

130 animals were rescued from what some are calling "dangerous conditions" inside a Walker County animal shelter. The story is exclusive to ABC 33/40.

"Overcrowded, when you have kittens laying in water dishes, water pans to stay cool - that's too hot," Debbie Cousins, Founder, Missing Links Rescue.Debbie Cousins runs the Missing Links Animal Rescue in Jefferson County. She called police after {}a series of complaints from workers inside this Nonnie's Angels Shelter in Sumiton."They continued to take animals in, still did not vaccinate- it was getting worse and no better," Cousins said. "The heat was too much for these animals to be locked up in this building."Shortly after we arrived, the Nonnie's Angels director showed up.{}"I don't know, I was at work and I got a call and they said they're shutting us down," Allison Grayson, Nonnie's Angels said.The landlord told us, he didn't see anything wrong with the shelter's practices."When you're in a rural area like we are in Walker County, we need all the help we can get to help these people down here working," Aaron Edwards, the building's owner said."My response to that it beats what people do around here - shooting them in the head and throwing them in the woods," Grayson said. "I mean, it isn't the best of conditions. In an ideal world, we would have a $3 million facility with outside runs for the cats and dogs."Sumiton Police weren't willing to talk on camera, but told the shelter staff, they must release the animals to other rescue groups who could take better care of them."It's hot - cats are panting and you hardly see cats pant," Katlyn Blackwell, who rescued a dog said. "There's just so many animals in there."Katlyn Blackwell is one of the dozens of people who drove from miles away to help these animals find a home."It's tough to go in there," she said. "It's so sad. I'm going to take good care of her, though!"The Missing Links Rescue said they would take in as many as they could but they're looking to adopt out as many as they can.