Animals Stay Cool At Birmingham Zoo

Not only are we feeling the heat and humidity, so are the animals at the Birmingham Zoo. {} {}Rain did provide some temporary relief to animals and visitors, but the zoo is taking many steps to keep everyone from getting overheated.Everyone, even the parrots, are taking a sip of water in this heat. Crystal Banks says "We got some juices, we put on lotion." Mud is the sun block of choice for{} the Red River Hogs.Andy Schertz with the Birmingham Zoo says, "There's definitely a lot of animals we keep our eyes on, like those with a lot of fur. A lot of animals that are high risk are not put in this situation, we have indoor holdings for them ."Sure, many animals at the Birmingham Zoo are use to hot habitats, but keepers take extra steps to keep animals comfortable. "Ice blocks, sprinklers, the shade, the fans all to make sure they have a place to stay cool." Lions paraded over to get a cool milk squirt, but remained in a cool spot most of the day. Vickie Lawler says "We went to see the lions, but they had gone back inside because it was so warm, but that's fine, they have to do what they have to do to cool off too."Like the elephants using their trunks to squirt water on their backs, kids also have their own wet stomping ground in the Children's Zoo.The zoo has even set up misting stations to keep humans cool. But no one has it better than the Sea Lions. Schertz says "I think a lot of animals are envious of the sea lions, the pool's chilled about 68-degrees."After a muggy morning, some rain finally provided relief to those who spend countless hours in the elements. Schertz says "It feels great to have a little break."In honor of our nation's birthday, servicemen and women will be able to visit the Birmingham Zoo for free. From Monday through the fourth, all active and retired military and their families get free admission with valid military i-d. In addition to the current exhibits, there's a special birthday celebration on Wednesday for Star, Spangle and Banner, the three Red River Hogs born on the Fourth of July.