Anniston election certified, but not without controversy

The Anniston City Council certified last Tuesday's elections, but not without raising concerns about alleged voting irregularities.

Outgoing city councilman Ben Little, the lone council member to vote{}against certifying the{}vote,{}alleges there was improper handling of hand counted votes at{}the Anniston Meeting Center polling site{}in his district.{} He also alleges a campaign volunteer who had been distributing{}campaign literature{}at the South Highland Community Center polling site was seen inside the building.

ABC 33/40 has learned mayoral candidate Ralph Bradford{}intends to{}contest the election based on the allegations.

Another outgoing city councilman, Vice-Mayor Herbert{}Palmore, said he was concerned about the allegations, but would not contest the{}balloting.

Last Tuesday, voters tossed out each of the remaining elected leaders from the city's 2008 municipal election.