Anniston High School Students Active Shooter Training

Anniston, Ala._ The Center for Domestic Preparedness is training high school students how to react when there is an active shooter on campus. The training exercise will take place on Wednesday at the C.D.P. on Responder Drive in Anniston. It's all a part of the Anniston Police Department's Junior Police Academy.{}

{}{}{}{}The Center for Domestic Preparedness will set up a mock exercise with mannequins, nails, and a fake gun. Students will need to draw on the skills they learned in the police academy to pass the test.

{}{}{}{}The C.D.P. staff will also set up a mock explosion with mannequins, nails, and other material that would be found at a crime scene following an explosion. The third and fourth subway car will be set up with a Human Patient Simulator in each car. The students will use the knowledge they received on Day 1 of their training to apply field dressing and stop bleeding. They will process the scene looking for items they think might be evidence.{}

{}{}{}{}The C.D.P will also present an Active Shooter lecture to the students.{}