Anniston looking for story tellers

Everyone has a story to tell. And, with a camera, or a smart phone, the storytellers' tales can be shared with the world. That's the idea behind a contest in Anniston. Amateur and professional videographers are weaving stories of Anniston's history. There's even a cash prize for a winning video. $4,000 is up for grabs in a variety of categories. Anniston's nickname is "The Model City" --{}named because of its careful planning in the late 19th century. Now, here in the 21st century, this contest looks to turn Anniston into the city of storytellers.{} Tim Brunson, and his wife Annie, had an idea.. They wanted people to tell the story of The Model City. The Brunson's came up with "The City of Storytellers" -- a contest, meant to energize Anniston's popularity, while giving amateur and professional filmmakers creative control. "It's wonderful, the stories that I've heard, things that{}I never knew," says Brunson. "People have gone out and they've shot videos. We have an adult division and a student division.{}The videos can be drama's, documentaries, monologues, we wanted to focus on the history, the good history, we want to focus on the beauty of our city and the assets, what we have here."Brandi Calloway is one of five Anniston high school students who put together a video that tells the story of the Kilby House."We researched the history and found what needed to be in the movie," says Calloway.{}The house sits right in the middle of their school's campus -- which presented some challenges while filming.{} Calloway says, "We had to do double takes of everything, people kept walking through{}(our shots)."Another storyteller, is Trey Miller. Miller, who has more professional filmmaking experience -- shot a five minute video about the history of Anniston's founding by Sam Noble in 1883.{}"I had to figure out, what story did I want to tell?" says Miller. "It's very interesting, because I've lived here my entire life. After doing the research to put together this film, it's made me look at the city a lot differently."{}One way people were encouraged to tell stories of Anniston, was through video monologues.{}It's as simple as using a smartphone or device to record them. The submission deadline has passed, now the judging begins. Each of the films submitted will be watched and evaluated by judges and by the public.{}For more information, click here.