Anniston Soup Bowl Breaks Ground


Since 1984, staff with the Anniston Soup Bowl has been feeding the hungry in an old building.{}" {}We are in a house that is over 117 years old," said Kim Beckett, Executive Director of the Anniston Soup Bowl.On Monday morning, dozens gathered as supporters of the soup kitchen broke ground on a new facility that will expand the organization's outreach efforts and feed more people. {}"We have simply outgrown the space and plus its in major need of repair," said Beckett. {}Staff say the current facility is cramped and makes serving the hungry challenging. {}Even as the economy improves, officials say the need for organizations like the Anniston Soup Bowl is on the rise. {}Staff, with the organization, say many of those who receive meals are working poor and people faced with having to choose between paying bills or buying food. {}" We have folks tell us daily that this is the only meal they get each day. Unfortunately, we only serve Monday through Friday. {}So, they do not eat from Friday until Monday when we open back up at 11:30," said Beckett.{}Churches of various faiths and denominations, grants, and private donations made the new building possible.{}The new facility will be located a block from the current one.{}