Anniston woman arrested for murder following Memorial Day shooting

An Anniston woman is charged with murder for a Memorial Day shooting. Officers arrested 46-year-old Pam DeAnn Smith.{} Investigators said 38-year-old Casey Anthony Payne died Monday from a gunshot wound to the chest.Payne did not live at the home on Parkwood Drive.{} Neighbors said Payne was in a relationship with the homeowner's daughter.John McCrelles lives across the street from the house where the shooting happened."I was outside working in the yard between 11 and noon, and I hear a boom boom, and I didn't think nothing about it because out here every once in a while shoot their guns and all," McCrelles said."Then I got to walking over to the house and then I see and hear the cop cars coming from both directions.{} They pulled over and took off up the hill there."McCrelles described the neighborhood as quiet and said he has lived there for 50 years."It's the first time something like that's happened out here in a while as I can remember," he said.Anniston police said they will release additional information if it becomes available.