Anniston's mayor-elect shares his vision


Former municipal judge Vaughn Stewart's ability to break through in a crowded mayoral race, avoiding a runoff with 10 opponents even caught him by surprise.

"{}We got all the city involved in our campaign," said Stewart{}"So many people came on board."

It paid off as he won every voting precinct in the city.

"{}Because annistonians had an appetite for change. They were tired of the status quo," said Stewart

The mayor-elect{}insists political squabbling, dysfunction at city{}hall{}are history. Stewart says he has relationships with two of the newly elected council members and two other candidates in runoffs.

The easiest thing Stewart believes the city can tackle is stalled development at old Ft. Mc Clellan.

"{}That will not be hard to partner with other communities for funding," said Stewart "They need some infrastructure. It's long over due."