Another school year begins

This morning, Birmingham schools welcomed students back after a three month respite. The new Tuggle Elementary School left{} Valarie Callens in awe. "It's a lot different (from) when I went to Tuggle. It's a big difference. It is absolutely beautiful," she says.The first day at the new school brought a few hiccups however. A rush of parents and students resulted in traffic jams. Some walked on the grass, others on the street.

For Tekesha Davis, however, the good far outweighs the bad."They love it! They're so happy to see a brand new school, brand new everything!"Another Birmingham City School, Oxmoor Valley Elementary, still needs to work done on the roads leading to campus. Crews are working daily to finish the project.

In Alabaster, this marked the first day of the newly created Alabaster City School system. Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers looks forward to what lies ahead. "They're going to have a wonderful year." We've worked hard to prepare for this day and for this school year, and it's going to be the best ever," he says.Cristina Allen's children go to Helena Elementary. She says each "first day" gets a little easier."We've done it once before. It's not as bad as it was the first time. They're just a little nervous, but she's going to do great," says Allen.