Anti-Abortion student group accuses UA of censorship

Members of the "Bama Students For Life" group at the University of Alabama are accusing school administrators of unlawful censorship.

The issue{}surrounds an anti-abortion poster featuring abortion doctors, patients, {}statistics and a small photo of a fetus.

Students say they received permission to display the poster in a glass showcase at the Ferguson Center until Feb. 7, but it was removed two days early.

According to an apparent, secretly-taped video conversation, an administrator said the anti-abortion poster was taken down because of complaints. That same administrator also says anything offensive is against policy, though, students disagree and say their right to free speech is being infringed upon.

"Our group was absolutely offended that we would be censored in that way. We have a right to free speech and that right was taken because someone felt it was offensive. Who decides what is and what isn't offensive," said member Amy Hase.

The school responded to the students' accusations of illegal censorship in the following statement:{} "The University of Alabama respects our students First Amendment rights to express their opinions.{} As a result of this incident we are reviewing our guidelines for the display boards in the student center."

However, Bama Students For Life is demanding an apology as well as its poster be displayed for another month. It was originally displayed to commemorate the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.