Apartment fire victim faces more heartache

The families who lost their homes in the Uptown apartment fire are still trying to get back on their feet, particularly one man, who we met just before Christmas. {}In just a few weeks, he has lost not only his home and possessions but loved ones. Despite the heartache, he's not losing his faith.You {}may remember Alexander Dubose. He was at his mother's funeral during the Uptown apartment fire. Units above his apartment burned. When he came home, everything was covered in water and what water hadn't damaged was stolen by thieves. He even lost the pictures of his mother."It was kind of emotional," Alexander said. "It was hard. I guess it can't get any worse from here."But it did. We met with Alexander again today. On Christmas he found a house to rent and his sister shared her pictures of their mom."She was going through the chemo with cancer and everything about a year ago," he said.He paid the deposits, the utility start-up fees - totaling around $1,300. Then, more bad news. Last week, a notice evicting the rental's landlord appeared on the front door."She's not paying her bills," Dubose said. "Nothing's getting paid and I haven't heard from her since I told her about this letter."Once again, Alexander is packing up - with no where to go.{}"We're just going to put everything in storage and find another extended hotel stay to stay in until I can find another house to rent," he said.But it's his positive outlook and faith that he says is helping him move forward."I just pray about it and keep moving forward," Dubose said."People wonder how I'm still smiling, why I'm happy," Dubose said. "There's just something about the name of Jesus. Everything's going to be ok."We also tried contacting his landlord, but no answer.{}