Are bulletproof backpacks necessary

In the five days since the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, every parent has re-evaluated what can be done to better protect children. Some parents have turned to bulletproof backpacks.

Sales have soared this week. The backpacks, which even come in Disney Princess and Avengers designs, are lined with bullet-stopping fabric. The backpacks sell for as much as $300.

In years past, the{}Salt Lake City, Utah company that manufacturers the backpacks{}made few sales on children's body armor or the bags. Sandy Hook changed all of that. The company's COO says people are looking for ways, however unconventional, to protect children. "Our armor was being bought to protect people," said Rich Brand. "At this point, it's transcended to everyone. Anyone who's sending out a child into the world, seeing what can happen now, they want to protect their children."

The company says it has seen a worldwide demand for its products, including child-sized body armor.