Are you suffering from "Election Stress Syndrome?"

      Do you feel completely overwhelmed by the election?{} If so, you are not alone.

      Presidential elections can be a huge source of stress for many people.{} You're bombarded with media coverage and attack ads on television, radio and in the mail.{} This day and age, we can add social media to the mix.

      All of the negativity can cause depression, distrust and disgust.{} Experts call this "Election Stress Syndrome."

      Here are some tips to deal with "Election Stress Syndrome:"

      • Don't listen to the attack ads
      • Avoid conflict by not bringing up the topic
      • Change the topic when it comes up
      • Concentrate on day-to-day activities that are a part of life
      • Keep your mind occupied with things like exercising, cooking, gardening or even painting
      • Do anything that will keep you distracted from the negativity that can surround politics