Area gas prices continue to drop

As ofSunday, the price of a gallon of gas in the Birmingham area was averaging $3.22per gallon.{} That's a drop of more thantwo cents over the last week.{} Thenational{} average fell 3.2 cents pergallon to $3.46 according to gasoline price website

Whencomparing prices, in the Birmingham area, from one year ago, the prices are virtuallythe same and there is almost a 33 cent difference from one month ago.

"Thenational average has again decreased in the last week, but the decreases are

beginningto slow down," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan.

"Wholesalegasoline prices rose strongly on Friday which could send prices higher instates with among the lowest prices in the United States.

Thefuel tightness has also continued in NYCfor those in Sandy's wake, fuelavailability remains difficult, and is the reason GasBuddy has implemented anemergency fuel availability service," DeHaan said.

The Hurricane Sandy fuel availability site can be found by navigating to{}{}{} {}