Armed suspect caught in Wilsonville following 13 hour manhunt

An armed suspect is now in the Shelby County Jail, after a 13 hour manhunt through Wilsonville to find him. {}Alabama Power security guards stationed at the Wilsonville Steam Plant helped capture 24-year old Steven Earl Owens around 11:30 in the morning. {}"I thought, we finally found this guy," recalled Stan Chapman, a security officer for Alabama Power. "It's over."Chapman and his team spotted Owens hiding in the woods near the Steam Plant entrance off Highway 25. "He was behind a tree," Chapman explained. "We knew from the description that we'd been looking for him all night and all morning. This had to be him."Chapman called the Sheriff's Office and headed to the wooded area right away. "We stood at the wood line because we knew the Sheriff's Office was on the way. At one point, we believed he was trying to make a break for it and run across the roadway. And Sheri located him lying on the ground and we approached him."The security team was able to apprehend the suspect until deputies arrived. The whole incident began Sunday night, when officers responded to a 911 call about a domestic dispute. Shelby County's Chief Deputy says Owens fired at officers several times during a car chase and again when he got out of his car."A guy jumped out and when he jumped out, he ran right up through the little hill there and the police ran right behind him in the car," described Maurice Thomas, who lives across the street from where the shooting occurred. Thomas saw it all happen outside of his front window."Like pow pow pow, you know three little shots, it sounded like a hand gun," he explained. Now, residents like Thomas can have piece of mind, knowing the armed suspect is in custody and charged with three counts of attempted murder. "He was tired, I think," explained Chapman about the capture. "He was very cooperative. He even told us he was armed. And we of course had him in a position that he couldn't do very much to us."We did find a criminal history for Owens.{} Last May, he was charged with possession of a firearm with an altered id, and with carrying a gun without a permit. In 2013, he was also charged with theft and fraudulent use of a credit or debit card.