Around 100 people camped out at new Gardendale restaurant

Inside the Buffalo Wild Wings in Gardendale. (

Long lines, people camped out for days, common sights leading up to Black Friday. But what about for a new Buffalo Wild Wings? One is opening in Gardendale Sunday in time for the national championship... and the first 100 people are in for a treat.

It's a camp out like no other in Gardendale.

Micah Baker says "It's been hard trying to stay warm." But his family and former Alabama Cheerleader Jodie Jones, are bracing the cold with a heater, so they can be among the first 100 people inside the new Buffalo Wild Wings. The prize, free wings every week for a year. Jones says "Got here Friday at 4:45. We were the first ones here to set up."

Management wanted to open a day before the National Championship in Miami to make sure they're ready for a large crowd. Josh Gowan says "We picked the six to get a day under us before the big game, just so we can have people in here and be able to practice a little bit."

Jones says the management has even brought out wings for customers to eat. Not only are people excited about wings, they're excited about Alabama playing in the big game. Jones says, "Blood boiling, really excited. Notre Dame and Alabama, we've be anticipating this. We were saying earlier during the 6th game in, we were wanting Notre Dame to be 1 or 2 to play against them."

And people will now a new place to watch their favorite team in action. Gowan says "It shows people really want us to be here in this community."

The new Buffalo Wild Wings opens Sunday at 11 a.m.