Arrest made after Clanton school lockdown

Clanton police have charged 30-year-old Michael J. Day of Clanton with domestic violence third-degree, terrorist threat, possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of controlled substance.

Police say before 8 a.m. Monday, they received a call of a domestic situation at a gas station involving a weapon and the suspect allegedly threatening to hurt himself and his girlfriend. They left before police arrived at the scene. Later, Calera police responded to a domestic incident involving the same two people. The victim in both incidents told police that Mr. Day told her to take off her seatbelt and kept driving the car in a way on the interstate like he was trying to flip it. She stated at one point when she tried to put her seatbelt on, he pulled out a knife and tried to cut it. He allegedly had a shotgun between his legs as well as with the barrel pointed at his head. Investigators say Day dropped off his girlfriend at her job and she immediately called her mother and they contacted Clanton Elementary school because of some very vague and distributing text messages. According to Chief Stilwell, one of the text messages said he was going to get his kids and they were all going to see their mother. The children's mother died last year.

At 9:39 a.m., Day showed up at Clanton Elementary School to check out his kids. The school had been forewarned, and they called police and secured the school. Investigators say Mr. Day never gained entry to school. Schools were placed on lockdown until Day was taken into custody. Day did not have a weapon while on school grounds, but detective found one in question from his living room. Clanton Elementary School was on lockdown for 30 minutes.