Arrests in Meth Lab Investigation

TheBirmingham Police Department reports that four adult suspects are in custody inconnection with a meth lab investigation. {}At approximately 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 12,2012, a suspect was observed by citizens discard a backpack in a ditch in the8500 block of 6th Avenue South. Citizens notified East Precinctofficers that arrived to investigate.

Upon arrival, officers observed itemsinside the backpack possibly used to manufacture meth. Officers also learnedthat the suspect was frequenting a house at 8448 6th AvenueSouth.{} While investigating, officerslocated the suspects inside the residence and contacted BPD Narcoticsinvestigators.

Further investigation revealed what appeared to be thecomponents of a meth lab inside the residence.{}Narcotics detectives and BFR Hazmat personnel took charge of theevidence. {}{}{}

Thesuspects are in the custody of the Birmingham City Jail.