UPDATE: Wife of Police Chief Benny Davis served warrant for attempted murder

Felecia Davis

Update:{} 2/5/2013

According to Randolph County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Billy Lane, Felecia Davis, the wife of Ashland Police Chief Benny Davis, was served with a warrant for attempted murder Monday afternoon.{} Davis continues to be held at the Randolph County Jail on a $75,000 bond.

Felecia Davis was originally brought in for questioning after Ashland Police Chief Benny Davis was shot in his home Saturday evening.

Update: 2/4/2013

The Chief Deputy at Randolph County Jail has confirmed that Felecia Ann Davis is held at the facility and will be sent to Clay County{}Monday night{}or early Tuesday morning.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation continue to investigate, but they have yet to release any details of the incident.

Chief Benny Davis of the Ashland Police Department was{}sent to UAB Hospital after suffering a gunshot wound to the chest during an off-duty shooting Saturday evening.

Now Ashland residents say they want answers, but prays the chief will pull through. "Its sad, and it's tragic but God is in control. My heartfelt sympathy and prayers goes out to his family as they go through this situation," says Ashland resident Allen Hulsey.