Ashton Gables assisted living closing its doors

The Ashton Gables assisted living facility in Hoover is being forced to close. (

An assisted living community offering care for Alzheimer's patients in Hoover is being forced to give up its license.{}

The state department of health received too many reports of negligence and other deficiencies at Ashton Gables in Riverchase.

Dr. Walter Geary, bureau director for provider standards with the Alabama Department of Health says Ashton Gables does not make the grade.

"It is disturbing, it is especially disturbing for a facility that has a bad survey, recognizes that and agrees to correct them, to fail to do it," says Geary. "There were problems reporting to the department, as they are required to do per the rules, when an incident occurs, such as a fall."

In a survey from February 2012, the 48 bed facility showed several deficiencies. Those include, safety issues, not reporting patients who fell & were injured, altercations between patients, and patients who got out of the building.

This resulted in Ashton Gable's license being downgraded to probationary status. The parent company, Five Star Quality Care, was given a year to correct the issues.

In April 2013,{} the state returned for a follow up. "We anticipate when we go back that everything would be perfect, but that did not turn out to be the case. When we went back we found that there were a number of repeat deficiencies," says Geary." That was the last straw.

Ashton Gables was set for a license revocation hearing, however, attorneys for Five Star Quality Care negotiated an agreement with the state. Geary explains, "They agreed to carefully and thoughtfully discharge all of their residents, terminate their license and close their facility."As part of the agreement, Ashton Gables will complete renovations and work to re-open as a regular care assisted living facility. One that doesn't specialize Alzheimer's patients. However, Geary says, "They would have to send in an application, and we will look at the application, review it and make a determination based on all of the information at that time."

A statement via email from Five Star Quality Care confirmed that Ashton Gables is closing to transition to an assisted living facility. It is expected that all residents will be moved out on or before July 15. Next Monday.