Ashville Baptist visit

What a warm wonderful welcome we got when we arrived at the Ashville Baptist Church ..... I was to share my story of cancer and faith ... But as much as I wanted to encourage those visiting... I felt as if I was the one getting encouraged.

We talked about the power of prayer. One lady told me of her prayers, and how God answered in a big way.

If you ever have a chance to drop in on a church service at the Ashville Baptist Church you will love it. The people there were so welcoming. The music was wonderful and I felt like I had 4- hundred new family members.

The Pastor, his lovely wife, Lyle Lovette and his beautiful wife and other friends took us to a delicious southern lunch in Steele Alabama. Thank you for the hospitality.

Life's greatest blessings are in making friends and spending time with the people you care about. Laughing, joking and just having good conversation can help remind us we can have a piece of Heaven right here on earth.

Thanks again Ashville! I will see you soon and bring the boys to go fishing!