Assistant tax assessor calls Jefferson County Commission "a bunch of rednecks"

Jefferson County assistant tax assessor Andrew Bennett. (

Jefferson County assistant tax assessor Andrew Bennett called the majority of the County Commission "a bunch of rednecks" Wednesday for not approving his request for travel.Bennett, who lost his run for re-election this month, wanted to go to a tax assessor's conference in Orange Beach this month, a trip that's estimated to cost more than $2,100. He says one reason some commissioners are against him is because he fought to keep open Cooper Green as a hospital."They are prejudice. If you don't do what they say do, and being a black male, then they are against you," Bennett told ABC 33/40.Commissioner Joe Knight and Commission President David Carrington say they didn't hear Bennett call them "rednecks," though, those in attendance at the meeting heard the comment. Bennett later confirmed he made the remark. "I didn't hear it but we've been [called] rednecks, confederates, and everything else. I'm sorry he feels that way," Knight says.Commission President David Carrington says the decision was strictly a legislative one. Bennett's trip would have been paid for by state funds. But Carrington says the commission is cutting back on unnecessary travel.Bennett said after the meeting he has news for the commission:"I will continue to fight for the people whether I'm in office or not."