ASU students rally for their president

More than 500 students and staff at Alabama State University{}are protesting the suspension of President Joseph Silver. Silver was put on administrative leave Monday night. He says it's because he pointed out misused funds by the board. Silver also says he was put on paid administrative leave after he fired Executive Vice President John Knight and another administrator. Knight denies those allegations."I don't have any information to give them on why he was put on administrative leave," says Knight. "The only thing I can do is respond to the allegations about a cover-up and misappropriation of money. That's never been called to my attention or the board's attention, and we have no knowledge of what he is talking about."Students say they will continue to pass out petitions and hold sit-ins until their questions are answered. The students are also protesting through social media. They are asking students to use #savesilver in every tweet.{}Governor Robert Bentley has asked that the Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for Thursday be delayed until he returns to Alabama from a trip overseas so he can be there. We don't yet know whether the board will abide by the governor's wishes.

Silver has been ASU's president for fewer than 90 days. For now, the board has asked Knight to take over day-to-day operations.