Att. Gen. Strange reacts to Supreme Court healthcare ruling

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange says he doesn't agree with the Supreme Court's decision, which ultimately puts a tax on anyone who opts not to purchase health insurance.

"That's the very thing that the Obama administration and congress insisted that it was not," Strange said.

Rosemary Elebash with the National Federation of Independent Business says she's already received calls from worried employers, who aren't sure what they're next move should be.

"They're going to look at the fact of whether I stay open, whether I close," she said. "Certainly, this is a deterrent as far as hiring new employees."

Strange says what concerns him most, other than possibly losing jobs in a slow economy is all of the looming mandates.

"There will be many mandates coming from this Obamacare law that will have impacts on our constitutional rights," Strange said.

But with more people getting health insurance, Hunter Walton with the Alabama Hospital Association, calls it a good thing.

"The more people that have insurance, obviously means more people coming into hospitals and the doctors," he said. "That enables us to keep our doors open, which allows us to provide more services to more people."

But he says it's ultimately too soon to tell just what kind of long term affect this new affordable healthcare will have.