Attendance up at local gun shows

President Barack Obama has spoken. If he has to, he will use executive orders to push through gun control measures, without congress' support. Gun sellers believe it's triggering even higher sales.

"Since about the last weekend in December the attendance at gun shows across the country has increased dramatically," said Allen Daniels, authorized agent for the Collectors and Shooters Club, LLC. "You're looking at about 100 to 120 percent increase over the same month attendance at the same show last year," said Daniels.

He says the environment at shows like this is more tense than they've been in years. "Uncertainty, concern, you know. Rumors run paramount all over. 'am I going to lose my ability to own what I want to own?'. The environment right now is just a little more tumultuous."

President Obama proposed background checks on all gun sales, and bans on military style assault weapons, in what he says are steps to reduce gun violence. "If you create one ban or one curtailment, how widespread does it get?," said Daniels.

Private dealers Brian Kennedy and Jerry Crawford fear these measures will completely tread on their second amendment rights. "Defending yourself, your family, and even innocent people does not have to be legislated. That is a god given right. And I don't need the government telling me that I have or have not that right," said Crawford.

Kennedy says Obama's efforts are misguided, and will have the greatest{} impact on the wrong people.

"Most of these gun crimes committed are not committed with lawfully owned guns anyway," said Kennedy.

Certainly the president has his supporters. Families of shooting victims and organizations like one Million Mom's for Gun Control have shown their support.

In fact, several hundred marched on Washington Mall recently in support of background checks and assault weapon bans.