Attorney General outlines 2014 Legislative Agenda

Wednesday, Attorney General Luther Strange introduced three packages aimed at criminal justice reform. They'll be filed in the legislative session that begins next week.

First, Strange wants to streamline death penalty appeals. Under the Fair Justice Act, the process would take months, as opposed to years. It also expand the types of killings that can be prosecuted as capital offenses to include anyone killed on a school campus or daycare, as well as someone killed to intimidate an elected official or law enforcement officer.

Representative Allen Treadaway, (R) Morris, is sponsoring the Child Protection and Safe Streets Act pf 2014, which would allow wiretapping for investigations involving crimes against children. Currently, state law prevents it. Court orders would be required and would only last for 30 days.

Finally, there is the Witness Safe Harbor Act. It would allow prosecutors to grant witnesses immunity from prosecution. Strange says this ensures valuable testimony isn't lost because of a witness' fear of being charged

"It's a very tailored agenda aimed at keeping our citizens safe, ensuring justice is done quickly for the victims of the most serious crimes," said Strange.

The legislative session begins Tuesday.