Attorney General Strange wants to streamline state's death penalty

Alabama's Attorney General says he wants to streamline the state's death penalty.

Luther Strange is supporting a bill that is, right now, making its way through the legislature.

The bill, while still providing due process to convicted felons, would cut down the amount of time between conviction and being put to death.

Strange says as it stands now it can take more than 30 years for a death sentence to be carried out. He says that's not fair to a victim's family.

And while he understands there is another side to this argument, he says it's state law.

"I understand there's another side of the issue that just is opposed to the death penalty," Strange said. "But, it's the law in the state of Alabama. It's overwhelmingly supported by 85-90 percent of the citizens. If we're going to have it on the books, it needs to be carried out in a way that protects everyone's rights, constitutional rights, right to appeals...we're not interfering with that. We're just making it happen in a much narrower time frame than 30 or unlimited years."

Strange says he's pleased the legislature has made this bill a top priority. He says it's moving ahead quickly.