Attorney General's Office Seeks Injunction against roofing company

"People are really taking advantage of the helpless," says Lt. Jeff Bridges. Bridges is with the Trussville police department and says he's seen disturbing cases involving "Cornerstone Renovations" roofing company.

Bridges says, "It seems to be a rather large number of people that are not being treated fairly." He says sales people with the company went door to door, in storm damaged areas, requesting to make repairs to roofs. He also says customers would pay up front or in portions, some paid up to $5,000 but the company never finished the job.

"Cornerstone was not returning, a lot of the cases to complete or even to start the work," says Lt. Bridges.

ABC 33/40 did some research and a scale from "A+" to "F", the Better Business Bureau gave them an "F", and they also had a total of 40 complaints in the past year.

The Attorney General's office is seeking a permanent injunction against the company, its chief financial officer and the chief sales manager. It wants refunds for all affected customers and the payment of fines.

We went to the last known address of the business to see if anyone would comment but it appeared abandoned. Its website states, "They have a commitment to the best possible service from beginning to end." But according to Lt. Bridges, that's not the case, and gives this advice. "Try to be a little more involved with it; don't just hand over the money," says Bridges.

The injunction is set for tomorrow in Jefferson county circuit court.