Attorney "getting conflicting stories about absentee ballots" in contested JeffCo race

Jefferson County Commissioner Sandra Little Brown is expected to address the challenge to the District Two election results Monday. The contest was filed by one of her opponent's supporters. ABC 33/40 spoke with the attorney representing that supporter.

Edwin Hill filed the contest Wednesday just a few days after Brown was declared the winner. Brown beat former Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Smoot by just 26 votes.

The results were approved by the Jefferson County Election Commission.

However, Hill's attorney says the election is being contested because of reports of voting irregularities.

"If there were votes that were left and we're getting conflicting stories about the absentee ballots, really the only way to find that out is through an election contest," said attorney James Anderson.

Brown has scheduled a news conference for Monday morning. She has hired an attorney to handle the challenge. He's also expected to be there.