Attorneys: Shahan portrayal by police misleading


Wendell Sheffield and John Lentine, attorneys for Richard Shahan, say Homewood police are painting a misleading picture of their client.{}"Our job is to defend out client and that's exactly what we're going to do. We're not going to allow the state of Alabama to portray him in some way that's not correct," said Lentine.{}Shahan, 53, is accused of killing his wife last July. {}Police arrested Shahan New Year's Day in Nashville as he was trying to board a flight to Germany and eventually make a trip to Russia.{}"The warrant that the state got they didn't get until December 31st," said Sheffield.{}Homewood police say their investigation continually led them back Shahan because of inconsistencies in statements he made regarding the death of his wife.{}Shahan is behind bars in Tennessee awaiting an extradition hearing scheduled for Jan. 7th. Attorneys for Shahan say they expect their client to return to Alabama where they will prepare for trial.{}