Attorneys talk about the future of Gip's Place

Gip Gipson fought City Hall and he may have won. The show will go on at Gip's Place with some new restrictions. Attorneys met{}to talk out their differences over the backyard juke joint.

The Bessemer City attorney says Gip Gipson can keep the juke joint open as long as Gipson follows the rules, Gipson's attorney says he's hopeful this issue will be resolved."

"We're going to make sure they don't violate the noise ordinance, we're going to make sure they stop at a reasonable hour, make sure they're not conducting commercial activity." Bessemer City Attorney Shan Paden says he gave these conditions on what not to do to David Gespass, an attorney representing Henry Gip Gipson.

Gipson has a team of lawyers.. including Ginger Barbee. Barbee says, "We agreed to do this and we're writing a letter and getting this drawn up, so it looks like we'll remain open."

Paden says there evidence the juke joint is running as a business, selling food and t-shirts.. There are also safety concerns about wiring and too many cars parked in the area on Saturday nights. Paden says, "We don't want someone to have a heart attack and we need to get emergency people there and we we can't. We don't want someone to get sick because of food poisoning with selling food."

Gespass told ABC 33/40, he's hopeful in working out a solution, but there are details that still need resolving. Gip Gipson says he just wants to keep the music playing. "If that's what they feel they want, that would be alright. But as far as shutting down, that's not going to be alright."

Bessemer resident Sunny Lippert is glad the city is working with Gipson. "People want to come to Gip's, so that's important , Anything we can do to shed a positive light in Bessemer is a great thing. I think Gips is a great thing"

Paden says "Laws are there for a reason to protect people." Gespass says he will be talking with Gipson Thursday to go over specifics and also says there may be future discussions with the city.

Paden says the city will be following up and if they see violations, the law will be enforced.. whether with citations or a court order.