Auburn AD Jay Jacobs says school will look into allegations

Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs. (

Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs released a statement Thursday{}in the wake{}of alleged NCAA violations made in a report from Selena Roberts yesterday.{}Jacobs said that he has no reason to believe that{}allegations are credible but says that the school will investigate the charges.Roberts{}story, from the website "", alleges that the football program{}made cash payments to players, changed grades to keep athletes eligible and used the Auburn Police Department to monitor players.{}Jay Jacobs Full Statement:{}"Anytime accusations are made against Auburn, we take them seriously. We have no reason to believe these allegations are either accurate or credible. However, as a matter of procedure, we are reviewing them carefully.It is important to note that several of the sources in this story have since indicated they were either misquoted, quoted out of context or denied the allegations."Unfortunately, the reporter who published this story did not fully represent to us what the story was about when requesting an interview. We were only told that the reporter was working on a story about the alleged armed robbery involving four former football players, which occurred over two years ago.We were never told the story would include allegations about academic fraud or improper benefits. Had we known that, we would have responded immediately with the statement above."