Auburn Alumni talk about Gene Chizik

Al Del Greco said there didn't seem to be any accountability on Auburn's team under Gene Chizik. (

Auburn alumni spoke to ABC 33/40 about Gene Chizik's departure. We spoke with Former Auburn Quarterback Stan White, now{} the color commentator on Auburn Radio Network.. and former Auburn Kicker Al Del Greco who now does sports radio. Both say Chizik did a lot of great things for Auburn and believe he'll be okay and move on from this.Al Del Greco says "When the same mistakes were being made over and over again, as somebody that was there, you're kind of wondering, how is that being tolerated? Al Del Greco says this season has been a tough one to watch, but he still considers Gene Chizik a great man who helped win a national championship in 2010.{} "I think it got to the point this year, especially with the last two ball games getting shut out and getting beaten so soundly, I think Jay Jacobs and the powers to be were forced to make a decision that had to be made," Del Greco says there didn't seem to be any accountability on the field.Stan White says "Gene Chizik is not the only thing that went wrong at all, the head man usually has to answer to that." But even though the{} face of the program has been let go, White thinks as time goes on, Chizik will be remembered for a lot of good things.{} "People have to be evaluated and it's a what have you done for me lately profession and unfortunately 3 in 9 is not the Auburn standard." White believes Chizik will move on and Auburn won't stay down for very long. "There are a lot of very capable coaches out there. I'm sure head coaches and assisted coaches, Auburn will look at in depth, and they'll make the right decision."As for Chizik's future, Del Greco says "There is a buyout involved and a lot of money out there, so ultimately it's not like he's being thrown out on the doorstep for nothing. Because of the national championship, he's got what, a seven and half million dollar buyout or 7.3 million, that's if he doesn't coach again, he's gonna get paid over the next four years." Former Auburn Quarterback and Heisman winner, Pat Sullivan, is on the search committee to help find Chiziks replacement. Sullivan, who is the current head football coach at Samford University,{} declined to comment.