Auburn and Alabama fans react to win

A huge celebration for Auburn fans. This is the outcome they wanted and they got it.Many Auburn fans credited the win to a good defense, good discipline and good coaching."It was wild, War Eagle!"Auburn fans went wild on campus after beating Alabama at the last second.Auburn Fan, Jim Mathews, says "You can't give up on this team. This team lays it on the line. They never give up. We kept hoping and praying. When they gave us one second. Alabama begged for one second, that cost them."Grant Smith says, "Oh man, I can't believe it. But I knew the Tigers were going to pull them out."Alabama fans, disappointed. It's the first loss of the season.Eddie Robinson says "They played a real good game, but I wanted Alabama to win, but we gave it up."Dave Buda says, "They said the only team that could beat Alabama is Alabama and they proved it today by missing the field goal chances, what can you say."Fans cheered as Auburn players left the stadium, many took time to sign autographs. Nosa Euga says "It's an unbelievable experience. In my career, I'm a senior. To end it like this in front of 90,000 in that environment, getting a win for Auburn, it's something I'll remember for a lifetime and cherish.Euga did admit it was a tough night, but said they were going to find a way to win and they did.